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What is MindMapPedia?
MindMapPedia is a worldwide library of visually presented knowledge. We are the team of enthusiasts who believe that any kind of knowledge can be presented visually. This visual representation is much more informative and vivid. Thus it can be understood and conceive much easier. We know there are millions of people in the world who are adherents of this point of view. Creating this library we want to collect this knowledge and organize it. We want to help people to find use this knowledge easily and quickly. MindMapPedia is a huge reservoir of various mind maps. Each of them is a representation of different ideas, concepts; they all are related to different spheres of knowledge and we always welcome people who are eager to add more value to our library.

What can I do here?
MindMapPedia is free and open for everyone who is looking for decision of the problem, some new information on given topic and for those who are willing to add his contribution into development of MindMapPedia knowledge storage. You can submit your own maps here or edit existing. Any map that was found in the library can be viewed, downloaded, edited and used for your own needs.

How does MindMapPedia work?
Submission to and use of MindMapPedia are free. Any individual may submit a mind map with a short description of the problem or situation that prompted its creation. Each submission is carefully moderated and is subject to consideration before publication. We do not support submissions with data or links that could be offensive to others or those containing what we deem to be improper content. In case you found some map that you want to develop, add there something new or edit it you are welcome to download this map, make your changes and then Add your Version to the history line. All the maps, submitted as editions of existing one are saved as history line of the initial map and always are available in the library.

How do I send a submission to MindMapPedia?
To add a new map into the library press Add New Map button to get to submission page.
There browse your local files, choose the mind map file you want to submit, write brief description, and press SUBMIT.
The time from submission to publication may take up to 24 hours.

How can I tell that my mind map was successfully submitted?
Once your submission is received, we will send you a permanent link to your mind map. You should immediately check this link; it will indicate that your submission is in progress.
Later you can use this link to share your map with friends or colleagues instead of sending them the whole map. You can also use this link to check the history of you file, new versions that will be submitted by others or you can even modify your map yourself and add it to the file history.

What kind of mind map should I submit?
Virtually any kind of mind map may be submitted: research ideas, casual brainstorming sessions, textbook and lecture notes, presentation materials, lesson plans, personal "to do" lists for the next week, projects, organizational schemes, innovations, or even something you‘re not quite sure how to categorize – perhaps a blueprint for a future story. You may be surprised to discover that people around the world are looking for your personal viewpoint, your vision, your ideas, and are interested in the way you have thought through a problem or plan. We often fail to recognize our own creative genius, but others may find what is obvious to us represents a breakthrough for them. Sometimes even a single strand of a mind map may be the key to unlocking a powerful idea or solution to a problem.

Language support
It is in our plans to extend language branches of the library.

What file formats are acceptable?
For optimum results, maps should be prepared as electronic data files using any of several well-known software programs such as MindManager, Visual Mind, ConceptDraw MindMap, Nova Mind, etc. We also accept hand-drawn maps, and for your convenience we allow submission of maps in any common graphical file formats. However, please be aware that files prepared with standard mind mapping applications such as those listed above are more fully supported with wide search capabilities. We make every attempt to ensure that each mind map submitted is attractively displayed and easily accessed on MindMapPedia.

Why should I flag files?
Your opinion is very important for us as a part of reviewing process. We carefully follow up the map content, its quality and plausibility. You can always share your opinion with us regarding any map by flagging it as error, spam or best of. Our flagging system allows you to point out what you feel about this map. If the map receives enough negative flags from you it will be removed (we count only one flag per person). We are always grateful to you for flagging that there is a potential issue with the content in one of the maps that are located here on!

What if I still have questions?
You are welcome to contact us