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What do you need to grow your business?

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Here are what I consider the Top 10 Hints to grow your business?  
What do you need to grow your business?
Measure and analyze your current status
Establish Key Metrics
Understand Your Financials - Review Margins, Cash Flow
Review the Competitive Landscape
Consider Customer Surveys
Use Online Analytics
Revisit Assumptions from Your Business Plan
Get Efficiency through technology
Online Tools
Cozy up with vendors
Advantageous Payment Terms
Volume Discounts
Know Upcoming Products
Maximize your niche, expand to a new one
Expand What You Offer
Enter a New Niche
Acquire growth capital
Vendor and Customer Financing
Debt Financing
Angel Investors
Sophisticated Financial Partners
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Develop new channels
Tap the Web
Create a Catalog
Use Sales Reps
Go Global
Add Wholesale
Try Brick-and-Mortar
Add New Locations
Weigh the Franchise Opportunity
Rump up awareness and demand
Creative Advertising Ideas
Campaigns and Continuity
Narrowcasting (vs. Broadcasting)
Types of People to Target
Create a culture
Define and Display Your End Goals
Have All Team Members Take Ownership
Find and Apply ???Best Practices???
Create a Social Agenda
Improve sales techniques
Segue to proactive mode
Identify prospects
Lean on loyals for referrals
Create a strong pitch
Cross-sell and up-sell existing customers
Get partners to sell for you
Follow up (with thanks) after the sale
Enhance your customer??ôs experience
Formalize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategy
Create a Culture
Provide Incentives for Return/Repeat Business
Offer Bonuses to Reward Loyalty
Cultivate Passionate, Engaged Employees