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My Business Trips Checklist

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Discover business trip To Do list. By my experience, this checklist can help make business travel more cost-effective and result oriented. 
My Business Trips Checklist
Identify goals and tasks
Discus points of business trip with manager
Get business trip task list from manager
Accomplish all formalities while you are in trip
Get detailed instructions
Contact persons
Schedule your time before trip
Access to money
Make sure that you have enough foreign currency cash
Take your credit card
Medical care and restriction
Traveling documents
Make sure your passport is with you
It should be valid for at least six month
Travel insurance policy
Purchase guidebook and map
Highlight your route from destination point
Make at least two hard copies of all documents
Traveling tickets and accommodation
Book accommodation
Book tickets
Confirm the minimum check-in time prior to departure.
Preparation to business trip
Inform family members, friends, colleagues
Gather information
Find what the destination point is
Read articles about the country of your trip
Go to language training if needed

Settle deliveries
Cancel all deliveries for time of your trip
Pay all your bills in advance
Ask your friend or neighbor to check mailbox while your are away
Business trip is done
Meet with manager
Give full report