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Mathematical Methods in Linguistics

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This is a mind map about Mathematical Methods in Linguistics 
Mathematical Methods in Linguistics
  Languages, Grammars, and Automata
  Basic Concepts of Languages, Grammars, and Automata
  Finite Automata, Regular Languages and Type 3 Grammars
  Pushdown Automata, Context-Free Grammars and Languages
  Turing Machines, Recursively Enumberable Languages, and Type 0 Grammars
  Linear Bounded Automata, Context-Sensitive Languages and Type 1 Grammars
  Languages Between Context-Free and Context-Sensitive
  Transformational Grammars
  Logic and Formal Systems
  Basic Concepts of Logic
  Statement Logic
  Predicate Logic
  Formal Systems, Axiomatization, and Model Theory
  English as a Formal Language
  Basic Concepts of Formal Languages
  Generalized Quantifiers
  Basic Concepts of Algebra
  Operational Structures
  Boolean and Heyting Algebras
  Set Theory
  Basic Concepts of Set Theory
  Relations and Functions
  Properties of Relations
 B.H.Partee, A.G.ter Meulen, R.Wall