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Encyclopedia of Finance - Finance - Banking Journals, Books & Online Media Springer 
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  Deposit insurance schemes
  Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act: creating a new bank for a new millennium
  Intertemporal risk and currency risk
  Structure of securities
  Accounting scandals and implications for directors: lessons from enron
  Treasury inflation - indexed securities
  Credit derivatives
  international parity conditions and market risk
  Online trading
  The Mexican peso crisis
  Policy coordination between wages and exchange rates in Singapore
  Working capital and cash flow
  Equilibrium credit rationing and monetary non-neutrality in a small open economy
  Evaluating fund performance within the stochastic discount factor framework
  Call auction trading
  Decimal trading in the U.S. stock markets
  The 1997 nasdaq trading rules
  The microstructure/micro-finance approach to exchange rates
  arbitrage and market frictions
  fundamental tradeoffs associated with the publicly trade corporation
  Men variance portfolio allocation
  A note on the relationship amount the portfolio performance indices under rank transformation
  Corporate failure
  Review of REIT and MBS
  Experimental economics and the theory of finance
  Merger and acquisition
  Multi-stage compound real options and case study
  Market efficiency hypothesis
  Portfolio performance evaluation
  asset pricing
  performance evaluation
  Duration analysis and its applications
  Comparative analysis of zero-coupon and coupon-pre-funded bonds
  Market liquidity
  Market makers
  The Asian bond market
  Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
  Networks, nodes, and priority rules
  The momentum trading strategy
  Asset pricing models
  Agent-based models of financial markets
  Jump diffusion model
  Chinese A and B shares
  Loan contract terms
  The le chatelier principle of the capital market equilibrium
  MBS valuation and prepayments
  The impact of IMF bailouts in international debt crises